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Flow against the current
For a better tomorrow: support your employees in saving water and energy at home starting now. How? With water-saving sets from Neoperl! You can find more information below. Join in now and save natural resources!

We're joining in

5 minutes' work

For up to 40 % less hot water consumed

Up to 350 kWh less energy consumed per person per year

Up to 120 euros saved per person per year


Neoperl provides you as a company, association, city or municipality with water-saving sets including a flow regulator for the shower at special conditions. The water savers are intended to be given free of charge to your employees, members or citizens to help them save water and energy at home. After all, if you use less water, you have to heat less water and thus save energy and ultimately money. Resource conservation that benefits the environment and the household budget at the same time. Saving for a better tomorrow!
Wassersparer für die Dusche
  • Water saver for the shower
  • Dimensions: 148 x 105 mm
  • Image similar
  • Art.-No. 02658298
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Global Watersaving Assembly PCW-01

It's all about the shower

Your shower has the greatest potential for saving hot water and thus energy.
In just a few steps, you can replace the standard washer in your shower hose with a flow regulator, for a long-term reduction in resource consumption.

Benefits for your company

Your commitment, our products – minimum effort, maximum effect: Together, we can alleviate the energy crisis and conserve resources at the same time.
You position yourself as a company that not only talks about resource conservation but actively contributes to it.
And, at the same time, your commitment strengthens employee identification with the company.
Global Watersaving Assembly Aerator

More savings opportunities

With a faucet aerator, you can also save water at the washbasin and in the kitchen. The installation of a modern aerator is uncomplicated at both faucets and requires neither expertise nor tools.
The reduced flow rate is absolutely sufficient both for daily hygiene in the bathroom and for washing up in the kitchen. Additional water and energy can thus be saved without any loss of comfort.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about ordering and processing

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No water, no life!

No water, no life!

Drinking water is becoming increasingly scarce - not least due to advancing climate change and the constantly growing world population. Even in water-rich regions, it is therefore necessary to conserve and use natural resources more carefully.
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Sustainability starts at home

Sustainability starts at home

If you reduce your water consumption at home, you help to ensure that less (polluted) waste water is flushed into the environment. And that in turn saves you energy, CO2 and money. Neoperl supports you in this!
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Calculate your own savings!

Calculate your own savings!

Our taps are often not as efficient as they could be. The difference water savers from Neoperl can make in your home can be calculated quickly and individually.
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