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Small parts, great effect! NEOPERL products help save water and energy without sacrificing comfort. We offer a simple solution: everyone can do their bit to alleviate the energy crisis. To treat our planet with respect. Because only together can we achieve great things.

Environmental and climate protection through water conservation

The constantly growing world population is leading to an increasing demand for drinking water. At the same time, (man-made) climate change is causing increased periods of drought in many regions. As a result, drinking water is becoming increasingly scarce and precious.
However, before we can consume water drink it or use it in the household it has to be transported and purified at great expense. It is therefore important and sensible to reduce our own water consumption wherever possible. This also applies to countries that have plenty of water resources.
Most of the potential savings in the bathroom, shower and kitchen relate to hot water, which requires a lot of energy to prepare. Every liter of hot water saved contributes to energy savings and a reduction in CO₂ emissions.
Water and energy-saving products from Neoperl offer the solution: they ensure that only as much water flows as necessary, but as little as possible. In this way, you protect the environment every day and do something good for your household budget at the same time.
Connection between saving water and climate protection
Water meter

Calculate the savings potential for your household with our water savings calculator

Our water savings calculator is very easy to use. › Click here and try it!
Global Watersaving Assembly PCW-01

Saving water and energy in the shower

A small detail makes all the difference.
The flow regulator with an integrated a ½" washer replaces the usual washer in your shower hose. The flow regulator has two functions: to seal the fitting and control the flow rate. This water saver is easy to install, fits any ½" hose connection and is the perfect retrofit for your existing shower hose.
How do I insert the flow regulator properly? › Watch the video!


The flow regulator can be mounted into a hand shower or an overhead shower. It replaces the rubber seal in the coupling.
Important: The flow regulator is directional and has to be aligned with the water flow, i.e. the water must flow towards the mesh.
Hand shower

Hand shower

Overhead shower

Overhead shower

Global Watersaving Assembly Aerator

Saving water and energy at the washbasin and in the kitchen

Every time you wash your hands or rinse vegetables you can save water!
Simply replace the existing aerator on your bathroom or kitchen faucet with a model featuring the latest water-saving technology. Thanks to the integrated Dual Core flow regulator technology, the CASCADE® SLC aerator provides a constant water flow almost independently from the water pressure in your plumbing system. We recommend a flow rate of 4 liters per minute at the washbasin and 6 liters per minute at the kitchen faucet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Global Watersaving Measurement Video

How do I measure the water flow rate in my home

Would you like to know the water flow rate of the taps in your bathroom and kitchen? It's very easy to measure.
Watch the video and give it a go!

Information and tips for water saving

Want even more tips on how to save water and energy in your everyday life? Then visit the website
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