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Faucet aerators – small parts, large effect

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Faucet aerators
They are integrated into the spouts of washbasin, kitchen and bathtub faucets and seem fairly unremarkable at first glance. Yet faucet aerators are important components that we use on a daily basis.

Functions of faucet aerators

  • User comfort: aerators produce a gentle, splash-free water flow and shape the water stream to give it different patterns.
  • Conserving resources: numerous models help save water and energy.
  • Compliance with legal requirements: aerators are indispensable throughout the world for meeting national standards, regulations and legislation.

Stream patterns. My Water. My Design.

NEOPERL faucet aerators shape the water stream to give it different patterns. "My Water. My Design." allows you to select stream shapes according to your individual requirements and design preferences. The spectrum ranges from crystal clear to gentle, stylish, or with refreshing beads of water. Our › video gives you a further impression of the various possibilities.
Aerated stream (COMFORT)

Aerated stream (COMFORT)

The aerator adds air to the water flowing through the faucet. This creates a soft, aerated stream that feels pleasant and plentiful.
Crystal-clear laminar stream (PURE)

Crystal-clear laminar stream (PURE)

A vortex-free flow makes the laminar stream appear crystal clear and natural – for a feeling of extra cleanliness. This is a real trend in Japan and a hygiene factor in hospitals.
Refreshing rain spray stream (RAIN)

Refreshing rain spray stream (RAIN)

The rain spray offers you a special washing experience: an extensive, abundant and pleasant shower sensation for your hands – as refreshing as warm summer rain.
Elegant MIKADO stream (DESIGN)

Elegant MIKADO stream (DESIGN)

The MIKADO stream creates a unique pattern from individual water jets. An eye-catcher when washing your hands – delicate, clear, and harmonious.
Spray stream

Spray stream

The spray stream provides full coverage of the hands with a low flow. Sprays are recommended for use in public lavatories.
Atomizer stream

Atomizer stream

An atomized stream offers a minimal flow rate (water-saving). The atomization is achieved by dispersing the water into tiny droplets.

Product groups

Neoperl offers you a comprehensive range of aerators in different product groups to meet your needs.

Use aerators as problem solvers

Many models are available with additional features, for example, to save water, prevent limescale, increase user comfort, or improve the quality of the water stream through self-cleaning.
Water saving_stage

How to save water with our products

With hot water you save twice over: less water also means less energy is used for heating. One of many examples of how NEOPERL products help you conserve valuable resources.
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How to remove and replace a faucet aerator

We show you how to replace a faucet aerator. This extends your faucet's lifespan, prevents scaling and ensures that the water stream is always pleasant and splash-free.
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What is the flow rate of my aerator?

Aerators are available in many different flow rates. To help you navigate our range of products, we have developed a color coding system. Our watercolours concept makes it easy for you to distinguish between the various models in terms of flow rate and stream pattern. It also facilitates the production process and the procurement of spare parts.
Illustration faucet aerator with PCA flow regulation

Water-saving technologies in faucet aerators

Many NEOPERL aerator models help you save water and energy.

Stream shapers for non-pressurized water heaters

If you are using a non-pressurized water heater with low-pressure faucets, you will need a special stream shaper. Conventional aerator models create a pressure drop that is too high for these applications.
Neoperl offers the › NEOSTRAHL and FS Dripless stream shapers, which are specially designed for low-pressure faucets.
Products_Low supply pressure
Low supply pressure with a water tank on the roof

Low supply pressure

In low-pressure markets with a pressure range between 0.1-1 bar, only the gravity generated in the building is responsible for the water pressure. The height of the water tank above the faucet determines the line pressure at the faucet/draw-off point.
A standard aerator cannot achieve aeration under these circumstances. Neoperl therefore offers special models that produce a comfortable, aerated stream of water even at low supply pressures.
  • Flow rate V
  • Flow rate Q
  • DUAL CORE aerators
Find the right models for your needs with our › Product Finder.

Norms and approvals

Drinking water is our most important nutrient. Around the world, numerous mechanical and hygiene standards and approvals therefore apply to aerators and faucets in order to protect human health.
Noise-reduced models
One example are noise-reduced aerator models, designed to meet mechanical standards. They reduce the flow noise that is transmitted through the installation. Think of the hissing noise in the pipes when the neighbor runs a bath.
The noise requirements for faucets in drinking water installations and their components are defined in Europe by standards such as EN 246.
Neoperl offers you a wide range of noise-reduced aerator models. All the necessary tests are carried out in-house, in our own sound laboratory.
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Do you need advice on faucet aerators?

We would be pleased to advise you on our products and, if required, develop customized solutions for you. You can reach us via our contact form.
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