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Every day, millions of people use NEOPERL products – whether they are aware of it or not. Concealed within faucets, our products can be found almost anywhere in a building where drinking water is used.

Our range

Our customers are companies from the following sectors:

Faucet manufacturers in over 70 countriesTechnical OEM customers such as manufacturers of household appliances, valves, and heating systemsTrades such as the plumbing trade, specialist wholesalers, and DIY stores (spare parts business)

You can find the products that best suit your needs using the › Product Finder. Since their requirements are different, we offer a dedicated product range for our OEM / industry customers, and for our retail / distribution customers. You can see the ranges on this website.

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Variation of Aerators
Faucet aerators

Aerators shape the water stream at the spouts of bathtub, washbasin and kitchen faucets. Models with integrated flow regulator technology also save water and energy.

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Various flow regulators from above
Flow regulators

Flow regulators ensure a constant flow rate, almost regardless of pressure fluctuations. They are designed exclusively for use in drinking water systems.

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A check valve is a safety valve which permits water to merely flow in one direction and prevents unwanted backflow of water in the opposite direction.
Backflow prevention

Check valves, also referred to as backflow preventers, protect plumbing systems from the backflow of contaminated water. They are often compulsory to protect occupants and the public water supply network.

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Hoses and connections

Neoperl offers you a wide range of connecting, kitchen and shower hoses, as well as hoses for technical applications.

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Different Diverters

Diverters are used to switch the flow between tub filling and shower function – optionally with an integrated check valve.

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Washing hands at the wash basin
Saving water and energy

At washbasins and in the shower, NEOPERL products with integrated flow regulators use up to 50 % less water. With hot water, you also make a valuable contribution to reducing energy consumption.

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FSG Standard D6
FSG on/off controls

FSG on/off controls enable a new method of operation for bathroom and kitchen faucets. One press of a button is all it takes to switch between different outlets. The valves do not require electricity.

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Kugelgelenk und Adapter
Accessories for faucets

Neoperl offers you a broad portfolio of accessories for faucets. This includes swivel adapters and reductions.

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Pressure control

Pressure control devices protect rain showers, hand showers & shattafs from sudden pressure increases due to blocked nozzles or water hammer. They keep the pressure & thus the downstream flow rate constant.

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Strainers protect downstream components from wear and tear or malfunction. They are used where sediments or impurities occur in the water supply line.

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Product Stage Picture ByPass Ventil
Bypass valves

The HDS valve provides a bypass mechanism e.g. in heating systems to maintain the water circulation in the application.

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Universal key with M22 aerator
Installation tools

Service keys from Neoperl make it easier for you to install faucet aerators and prevent scratches on chrome surfaces. They are available for all sizes, versions, and special designs.

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Regulatory compliance

NEOPERL products meet the standards for faucets worldwide: for example, EN 246 in Europe, ASME A112.18.1 and EPA WaterSense in the USA, and AS/NZS 6400 in Australia.

We can produce solutions tailored to the housing geometry or flow rate. Ask us with pleasure!
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Browse through our current catalogues for the retail/distribution and the OEM sectors, or find the right aerator replacement for your faucet with our app.

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