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Small parts, great effect! NEOPERL products help save water and energy without sacrificing comfort. We offer a simple solution: everyone can do their bit to alleviate the energy crisis. To treat our planet with respect. Because only together can we achieve great things.

Saving water means protecting the environment and climate

The growth of the world population is leading to an ever increasing demand for drinking water. At the same time, climate change is causing more frequent periods of drought in many places. As a result, drinking water is becoming increasingly scarce and valuable.

Before we can drink water, it has to be laboriously transported and cleaned. It is therefore important and sensible to save water.

This is the case even in countries with no shortage of water. A lots of the potential savings in bathrooms, showers, and kitchens concern hot water, which takes a lot of energy to heat. Every liter of hot water saved reduces energy consumption and lowers CO₂ emissions.

This is exactly where water and energy saving products from Neoperl come in: they ensure the flow of as much water as necessary yet as little as possible. This allows you to protect the environment without having to forgo the level of comfort you are accustomed to.

Chart: water and energy saving reduces CO2
Connection between saving water and climate protection
Calculate the savings potential for your household with our water savings calculator

Our water savings calculator is very easy to use. › Click here and try it!

Saving water and energy in the shower

A small detail makes all the difference.

The flow regulator with an integrated a ½" washer replaces the usual washer in your shower hose. The flow regulator has two functions: to seal the fitting and control the flow rate. This water saver is easy to install, fits any ½" hose connection and is the perfect retrofit for your existing shower hose.

How do I insert the flow regulator properly? › Watch the video!


The flow regulator can be mounted into a hand shower or an overhead shower. It replaces the rubber seal in the coupling.

Important: The flow regulator is directional and has to be aligned with the water flow, i.e. the water must flow towards the mesh.

Hand shower
Assembly PCW-01 Headshower
Overhead shower
Saving water and energy at the washbasin and in the kitchen

Every time you wash your hands or rinse vegetables you can save water!

Simply replace the existing aerator on your bathroom or kitchen faucet with a model featuring the latest water-saving technology. Thanks to the integrated Dual Core flow regulator technology, the CASCADE® SLC aerator provides a constant water flow almost independently from the water pressure in your plumbing system. We recommend a flow rate of 4 or 5 liters per minute at the washbasin and 7 liters per minute at the kitchen faucet.

› It is really easy to replace the aerator!

Frequently Asked Questions

Neoperl products are available in DIY stores and their online shops, or from your plumber.

If a faucet is factory-fitted to save water, it usually has a flow rate of 5-6 litres per minute. If necessary, it can even be subsequently reduced to 4 litres per minute.

To do this, the flow rate must be measured.

A water-saving faucet has a flow rate of 5-6 litres per minute from the factory. A non-water-saving faucet has a flow rate of up to 12 litres per minute.

Here is a guide on how to measure the litre flow: › "Water tap litre flow measurement"

All the materials are approved for drinking water. They do not release any substances into the water! Silicone or TPE, EPDM and POM.

Water flows from the faucet towards the hand shower. The water must always reach the small black O-ring first.

If installing upstream of the faucet: install the O-ring in the direction of the faucet.

If installing upstream of the hand shower: install the O-ring in the direction of the shower hose.

There is a check valve installed in your faucet to prevent backflow. You cannot open the faucet. Try another installation position – in the shower hose upstream of the shower handle, for instance. Please note: the water needs to reach the small O-ring first.

Try a different installation position.

Check the fit of the washer or insert the old seal as well.

Use a pipe wrench, but wrap a dishcloth around the cone to protect it.

You can find instructions for easy and quick replacement › here.

The Neoperl EasyMatch app makes it easy to identify an aerator. Download the app for free, answer questions about the appearance of the aerator you want to replace. The app uses this information to determine the right model.

Get the app here:



Use a pipe wrench. Place a cloth over the spout to protect the faucet from scratching.

Faucets for use with non-pressurised water heaters are usually fitted with a low resistance stream shaper instead of a conventional faucet aerator. This stream shaper must not be replaced by a water-saving aerator for reasons of safety of the non-pressurised water heater. The flow rates of such a system tend to be in the water-saving range anyway.

Check the fit of the seal or put the old seal back in place.


We support the campaign of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection. Join in! Because saving energy is best done together. Everything helps!
Energy is scarce. Let's not waste it.

The "dont-waste" campagin is launched by SwissEnergy (a programme operated by the Federal Office of Energy (SFOE)) and presents easy-to-implement energy-saving recommendations for private households and businesses. We are happy to support this.
Measuring the flowrate
How do I measure the water flow rate in my home

Would you like to know the water flow rate of the taps in your bathroom and kitchen? It's very easy to measure.

Watch the video and give it a go!
Information and tips for water saving

Want even more tips on how to save water and energy in your everyday life? Then visit the website

Let's go and check it out!
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