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Neoperl offers many different service keys for quick and easy faucet aerator installation and removal. Some service keys work for both metric and US threads and can therefore be used worldwide. Using a suitable key prevents unsightly scratches on the chrome surface of your faucet.

Service key range

We provide an overview here of the most important and common service keys in the NEOPERL range. A detailed explanation of how to install or replace a faucet aerator can be found › here. The Service Key Overview PDF provides details on all available service keys.

Service keys overview  | pdf | 109.57KB
Neoperl offers service keys for all types of housings (including vandal proof housings) as well as keys for CACHÉ® aerators.
The blue NEOPERL service key
Blue service key for faucet aerators with housing

The blue plastic key is the basic product. This can be used to quickly and easily replace faucet aerators of size M22, M24, and M28 and with male and female US threads.

Theft-proof service key
Service key for vandal-proof faucet aerators
Key for vandal-proof faucet aerators

Our vandal-proof faucet aerators have their own service keys. These faucet aerators cannot be removed using conventional service keys.

There is a suitable individual key for every aerator with integrated thread.
Service keys for CACHÉ, SLIM, and SLIM Air faucet aerators
Service key for aerators with integrated thread

For every faucet aerator model with integrated thread, there is the right service key. The keys are specifically adapted to the shape of the faucet aerator. Thanks to their different colors, it is easy to tell which key is for which model.

There is also a special model within this faucet aerator range that can be simply and easily replaced using a coin. For more on this, see › PERLATOR Coin Slot faucet aerators.

These keys have been specially designed for rectangular jet controllers.
Y and Z keys and a key with saw teeth for rectangular faucet aerators
Service keys for faucet aerators in special designs

The key for › rectangular faucet aerators is available in Y and Z versions and as a key with saw teeth.

Each key engages with the rectangular faucet aerator in a different way. The large opening of the key makes it easier for you to carefully pull the aerator out of the faucet.

A different key is needed for different sized rectangular faucet aerators:

24 x 6 mm = Y key28 x 7 mm = Y key32 x 8 mm = Y key or key with saw teeth40 x 10 mm = Y key or key with saw teeth24.5 x 9 mm = Z key

Universal service key
With the universal service key metal you can replace almost any aerator

You can use the durable metal universal service key to replace any faucet aerator of size M18, M22, M24, or M28 as well as TT, TJ, JR, and STD CACHÉ faucet aerators.

All Caché aerators can be replaced with the Plastic Universal Service Key.

The universal service key made of hard-wearing plastic can be used to conveniently replace all CACHÉ faucet aerators and other faucet aerators with a housing size of M22, M24, or M28.

For professionals there is our comprehensive socket wrench set, which covers a wide range of products
17-piece professional socket spanner set for trouble-free replacement of faucet aerators
Socket spanner set

The NEOPERL professional socket spanner set consists of 17 different socket spanners that can be used to quickly and easily replace a multitude of faucet aerators.

The sockets are made of die-cast zinc for robustness and durability. They are well protected in a matching plastic box with a practical carrying handle and sturdy hinge locks.

The box also contains pliers made of chrome vanadium with protective rubber jaws for other applications. These are useful for easily unscrewing aerators without damaging the sensitive chrome surface of the faucet.

The socket spanner set can be used for the following faucet aerators:

M18, M20, M22, M24, M28, vandal-proof housing, CACHÉ, SLIM, SLIM Air, rectangular, and NANOPERL faucet aerators.

Further information on the socket spanner set is contained in the product datasheet below.

Product datasheet socket spanner set  | pdf | 2.05MB
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