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Here you can find all legal documents such as Terms & Conditions, Conditions of Purchase as well as the appropriate general packaging and shipping instructions for suppliers.

Neoperl GmbH, Müllheim, Germany

Terms and Conditions Neoperl GmbH  | pdf | 77.15KB
Conditions of Purchase Neoperl GmbH  | pdf | 40.34KB
General Packaging and Shipping Instructions for suppliers Neoperl GmbH  | pdf | 614.25KB
Neoperl International, Inc., Waterbury, USA

General Terms and Conditions of Sale Neoperl USA  | pdf | 2.8MB
Neoperl Italia S.r.l., Cressa, Italy

Neoperl Italia Srl. modello organizzativo  | pdf | 431.66KB
Neoperl Italia Srl. codice etico  | pdf | 57.7KB
Neoperl UK Ltd., Malvern, UK

Important information regarding product approvals

Neoperl Product ID: Neoperl products are marked with either our trademarked Neoperl logo, or a specific manufacturers mark (7880) that helps to identify Neoperl as the genuine manufacturer.

Neoperl UK Covid19 Health and Safety Risk Assessment  | pdf | 88.59KB
Neoperl UK Safety Policy  | pdf | 190.28KB
Neoperl UK Delivery Drivers  | pdf | 203.31KB
Neoperl UK Terms and Conditions 2020  | pdf | 77.31KB