Aerator identification made easy

When looking to replace an aerator, it is often not easy to identify the right model. We show you how to find a suitable spare part.

Stefanie Rueß
2 min
Smartphone displaying EasyMatch App with red aerator
Introducing the NEOPERL EasyMatch app

We are aware that when it comes to replacing an aerator it is not always easy to determine the correct size or product line. That’s why we have developed an app to help you make the right choice: the NEOPERL EasyMatch App. Now available as a beta version, it supports plumbers, specialist wholesalers and DIYers in finding a suitable replacement part - free of charge and without registration.

Identify a suitable replacement in just a few steps
IT’S THAT SIMPLEOpen the app on your smartphone.Remove the aerator from the faucet and the housing. › You can find suitable service keys here. Answer a few simple questions about the appearance of the removed aerator: What does the bottom pattern look like? Does the aerator have a thread or air slots? What is the diameter of the aerator?The app will automatically determine a suitable range of models. In special cases, your query will be forwarded to our experts and you will receive feedback via push message within two days.


Since we are constantly developing our app, we would be very happy if you share your experiences with us - directly in the app or at › Thank you!

Download the app on your smartphone and try it out right now!

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