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We all need water to live. With our water and energy-saving products, Neoperl promotes the responsible use of drinking water as a valuable resource. Used in washbasins, showers, and kitchens, NEOPERL products reduce water consumption in the home – without compromising comfort.

Great savings potential

Every one of us can save up to 10-15 liters of water per day with NEOPERL products. In a four-person household, this equates to as much as 220 bathtubs a year.

Pictogram bathroom fitting
A NEOPERL water saver reduces consumption at the washbasin by up to 60 %.
Pictogram shower
A NEOPERL water saver reduces consumption in the shower by up to 40 %.

Saving water means protecting the environment and climate

The growth of the world population is leading to an ever increasing demand for drinking water. At the same time, climate change is causing more frequent periods of drought in many places. As a result, drinking water is becoming increasingly scarce and valuable.

Before we can drink water, it has to be laboriously transported and cleaned. It is therefore important and sensible to save water.

This is the case even in countries with no shortage of water. A lots of the potential savings in bathrooms, showers, and kitchens concern hot water, which takes a lot of energy to heat. Every liter of hot water saved reduces energy consumption and lowers CO₂ emissions.

This is exactly where water and energy saving products from Neoperl come in: they ensure the flow of as much water as necessary yet as little as possible. This allows you to protect the environment without having to forgo the level of comfort you are accustomed to.

Chart: water and energy saving reduces CO2
Connection between saving water and climate protection
Water saving products at a glance

Our water saving aerators and flow regulators are used in faucets and shower handles. They are easy to install and can be easily retrofitted in existing systems.

All products listed below are equipped with NEOPERL flow regulator technology.

Watertap with PCA
Use of a water saving faucet aerator at a washbasin
Water savers for washbasin faucets

Water-saving NEOPERL faucet aerators are available in various designs. They differ, for example, in terms of the technology installed or the flow rate. We usually recommend a flow rate of 3-7 liters per minute at washbasins, depending on the country and local conditions.

Popular product lines, which are also available in water saving versions, include › CASCADE SLC and › PERLATOR HONEYCOMB.

Ecobooster in the kitchen
Switching between economy and full flow, thanks to ECOBOOSTER technology
Water savers for kitchen faucets

The aerators presented above are also suitable for use in kitchen faucets. In this context, we recommend a flow rate of about 8 liters per minute, depending on local conditions.

In addition, we offer products with a changeover function. These allow you to switch from economical operation to a higher flow rate at the touch of a button – whenever required.

More about › faucet aerators with dual-mode function

Shower fitting PCR
Save water and energy in the shower the easy way
Water savers for the shower

We also offer suitable water saving solutions for the shower. In next to no time, they can be installed either in the shower hose or shower handle, so that you can save water every time the shower is used.

Learn more about our › retrofit flow regulators.

The technology behind our products

The basis of every water saver is the integrated flow regulator. It allows a largely constant volume of water to flow, almost independently of the line pressure. You therefore use as much water as necessary, but as little as possible.

This video shows you how the technology works:

Neoperl's water-saving technology
Excellent results: life cycle assessment of water-saving products

Using a water saver conserves resources – but does this also apply to manufacture and disposal? The Technical University of Berlin has conducted a life cycle assessment study on behalf of Neoperl.

› Read the full study here name="media"
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Learn more and be inspired about ways to save drinking water

The responsible use of resources concerns us all. On our focus page, you will find advice on how to save water and energy in everyday life.

Visit our focus page www.watersaving.com
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