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NEOPERL Pressure Limiters reduce the downstream pressure if it is too high and constantly regulate it at a defined value. In this way, they protect pressure-sensitive applications and components.

Quality featuresNEOPERL Pressure Limiters prevent temporary or permanent high pressure rations – due to blocked nozzles, for example – from damaging applications such as fixed shower heads / rain showers or bidet showers / shattafs.The use of a Pressure Limiter also allows for more delicate shower head and shower handle designs – in other words, an aesthetically appealing style requiring less material – because these fixtures do not have to withstand the full pressure of the water.In household appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers or even in drinks machines, lower pressure protects sensitive components such as valves, thereby increasing their service life.Pressure Limiters are designed for use within a pressure range of 1–10 bar.

Fields of application
Head shower

with built-in pressure limiter


with built-in pressure limiter

Pressure Limiter Principle of function
Dynamic movement of the piston

In NEOPERL Pressure Limiters, a dynamically moving control/reciprocating piston in combination with a balancing hole ensures a constant pressure on the downstream side regardless of the line pressure, for example 1 bar (14.5 psi) for a system pressure of between 1 and 10 bar (14.5 to 145 psi).

Depending on the application's back pressure, the opening is adjusted through dynamic displacement of the piston in order to reduce the downstream pressure to a constant level.

The actual flow rate also depends on the size of the outlet and/or its restriction and is therefore variable within a certain range.

Selection criteria

Please note that Pressure Limiters are only available for our OEM/manufacturing customers. For more details, as well as information on worldwide approvals, please see the product listing. To refine your selection, please use the following points as filters.

Outlet pressure: Depending on the application, a different downstream outlet pressure can also be defined upon request, such as 1.5 bar instead of 1 bar.Connection thread: choose between G1/2" and 15 mm.Design: Pressure Limiters are available as an insert or with housing.

Do you need help choosing? You will find the relevant contact information at the bottom of the page.

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Pressure Limiter 1 bar
  • Part No. : A50004000
  • Operating pressure: 0.5 - 10 bar
  • Design: insert
  • Connection thread / bore diameter: 15 mm/undefined
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  • Installation note: 1 bar
  • Max temperature: max. 65 °C
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