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The PBV pressure balancing valve counteracts temperature fluctuations that can occur due to pressure differences in the cold and hot water supply to the washbasin or shower.

Quality featuresThe PBV pressure balancing valve prevents the water temperature at the washbasin or shower from being affected by, for example, a toilet being flushed or someone having a shower. The line pressure in the cold and hot water supply is brought to the same level; undesirable cross-over flow is prevented. The water can therefore be reliably blended. Unpleasantly cold or dangerously hot water from faucets or showers is reliably prevented even without a built-in thermostat.

Application areas and installation

Blended water even without a built-in thermostat.


No unpleasant surprises in the shower.

Hair salon basin

Amounts of hot and cold water according to customer preferences.

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Please note that pressure balancing valves (PBVs) are not sold in every country and are only available for our OEM / manufacturing customers. You can find further information in the product listing below.

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Pressure balancing valve
  • Part No. : A50101000
  • Operating pressure: 0.5 - 10 bar
  • Design: connector
  • Connection thread / bore diameter: 3/8" connector/undefined
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  • Installation note: depending on operating pressure
  • Max temperature: max 65° C
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