ZERO aerator housing
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Sustainable plastic replaces metal in our ZERO aerator housing. An elastomeric layer covers the sleeve and provides a haptic surface and a grippy feel. Rubberized grip surfaces are known from many products of daily use, e.g. tools where easy, safe and non-slip handling is desired.

Highly sustainable

No use of metals such as chrome, brass, lead and nickel.Compared to standard chrome housings: Reduced water and energy usage during the processing, production and supply chain. Lower transport weight.

Improved functionality

Additional sealing effect of the elastomeric material prevents lime build-up on the thread.Due to this and the non-slip elastomeric surface, the ZERO housing can be installed and removed easily by hand. Lime can simply be rubbed off the aerator housing. 

ZERO housing
Increases awareness of serviceability

A faucet has a long lifetime. The ZERO aerator housing becomes a visible accessory. It increases the awareness that this part of the faucet can be serviced and maintained, and that the faucet aerator can be replaced or retrofitted. 

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