Low-flow comfort aerators
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Low-flow comfort aerators are the comfort improving alternative for lowest flow rates, as used in commercial and public installations or wherever water saving is needed. The reduced 10mm stream diameter ensures best performance without any splashing.

Reduced 10mm stream diameter ensures best stream performance at lowest flow rate
Benefits at a glanceSoft and fully aerated stream at low flow rates ≤ 0.5 gpm (1.9 l/min)No splashingComfortable flow hardness with high rinsing powerApplicable for commercial faucets or wherever water saving is needed

Same stream diameter – various aerator sizes

A unique adaptor concept makes it possible to offer a wide range of sizes matching your faucet.

Available sizes: (TT, TJ, JR, STD) as › insert, › CACHE or › SLIM AirAvailable flow rates: PCA 0.35 gpm max. and PCA 0.5 gpm max.

Global range of available aerator sizes  | pdf | 339.5KB
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