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We are proud to present numerous innovative solutions and the latest technologies for the sustainable and resource-saving use of drinking water. Here you can find out more about our current innovations for manufacturers. Contact us if you need assistance or further information.


Our newly designed stand-alone waterway for any kind of faucet opens up many new opportunities for manufacturers.

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ZERO Housing 24 x 1
ZERO aerator housing

Our new ZERO housings made of sustainable plastic with an elastomeric grip surface replace conventional chrome-plated metallic housings on the faucet – keeping the ecological footprint low.

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Innovative water savers
Mini Ecobooster faucet aerators

Saving water and energy in the kitchen without compromises.

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Dual-Stream faucet aerators

With its innovative swivel adapter the Dual Stream aerator switches smoothly between two stream types. It is the perfect upgrade for every kitchen faucet.

DUAL CORE technology

Save water more effectively thanks to the latest water-saving technology.

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On/Off Touch aerator

A simple touch allows to temporarily interrupt the water flow and thus to save precious water while brushing teeth, soaping or shaving.

Low-flow comfort faucet aerators

Reduced flow diameter ensures best stream performance at lowest flow rate.

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Further innovations

Its compact, laminar stream with best PCA performance is ideal for kitchen faucets: noiseless and splash-free.

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MICRO-B aerator

Aerator with micro-bubble technology, which is known for its deep cleaning effect.

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SLIM M28x1 Stream Shaper

Invisible single-piece SLIM stream shaper with laminar stream replacing conventional bath tub aerator housing.

CHROMALUX Supreme shower hoses

With new snap-on feature

FSG Volume Control on/off controls

Intuitive and simple push for on/off and turn for volume control.

Easy Push diverters

Redirect the water stream with a gentle push.

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No drip solution (NDS)

Solves dripping of high arc kitchen faucets.

Technical Innovations
ABF valve by Neoperl to keep hot water flowing efficiently in applications such as Heat Pump Water Heaters, Air to water heat pumps with DHW, Geothermal heat pumps with DHW, Thermosiphon solar hot watersystems, Solar water heaters with heat exchanger, Boiler systems with DHW
Automatic Backflush (ABF) valve

Is a unique maintenance-free technology to protect heat exchangers in Domestic Hot Water (DHW) systems from the efficiency-draining effects of scaling and fouling.


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Check valves for high tech (HT) applications

Our extended range of HT check valves is suitable for heating systems and various other applications where hot water (up to 127 ºC / 250 ºF) or chemicals are involved.

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Check valve connector

Protects drinking water installations from stagnant water in electrical appliances, such as washing machines or dishwashers and thus being compliant with new codes.

Climate ceiling hoses

These pressurised, multi-layered connection hoses are specially designed for closed heating or cooling systems.

Oxygen-stop heating supply lines

These highly flexible rubber hoses made of butyl are suitable for heating systems and applications where diffusion of oxygen is not desired.

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