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Our aerators with integrated thread require no housing and offer solutions for impeccable faucet designs that meet high aesthetic standards.

Aerators made of just one component

Unlike aerators with housing, aerators with integrated thread consist of just one component: a plastic part with male thread.

At Neoperl, we offer aerators with various thread sizes, including metric and US thread dimensions, as well as SLIM stream shapers in a special size. These are listed further below.

The installation drawings can be found in the relevant product drawings, which are available for download in the product listings for the individual product lines.

Icon mit Armatur und verstecktem Strahlregler
Aerators with integrated thread are practically invisible from the outside.
Pikto Faucet with threaded aerator
They are screwed directly into the faucet without a housing.
Available thread sizes

Depending on the line, aerators with integrated thread cover different metric and US thread sizes. You can find out more on the individual product line pages.

M16.5x1M18x1 (SLIM flow straightener)M18.5x1M20x1M21.5x1Male 13/16-27 UNS-2AM24x1Male 15/16-27 UNS-2AM24x1.5G1"

Schlüsselübersicht Strahlregler mit integriertem Gewinde
Service keys for different thread sizes
Installation and removal

The integrated thread protects the aerator against theft. There is a specific › service key for each thread size in order to install and remove the aerator.

The › PERLATOR Coin Slot faucet aerator is the exception. It can be replaced using only a coin, without the need for keys or tools.

Product lines

Below is an overview of our product lines for aerators with integrated thread. Please use our › Product Finder to find the right product line.

Picture Coin Slot (Stage Image)

The PERLATOR Coin Slot faucet aerator can be quickly and easily removed using a coin, no tools required.

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Freisteller SLIM Strahlbrecher
SLIM Flow Straightener

The SLIM flow straightener with laminar stream offers innovative design options for flat-spouted faucets without housing.

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The SLIM PCA SPRAY SLC faucet aerator is especially suitable for public areas. In spite of its water-saving properties, it provides a sufficient amount of water to clean hands.

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Freisteller SLIM SPRAY ITR Strahlregler

The SLIM Spray ITR (SSR) faucet aerator is characterized by its unique rain spray stream pattern.

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Freisteller SLIM Air

The SLIM Air faucet aerator offers a good-quality aerated stream despite its low height.

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Freistellerbild Cache Cascade

CACHÉ faucet aerators are available in many variations with or without additional features for increased user comfort.

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CRYSTAL Strahlregler

The CRYSTAL aerator with integrated thread generates an almost noiseless laminar stream, compact and splash-free – even from a great height.

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Atomizer faucet aerator with integrated thread

ATOMIZER faucet aerators atomize the water stream into tiny droplets to ensure a minimal flow rate while wetting a large area.

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We can produce solutions tailored to the housing geometry or flow rate. Ask us with pleasure!
Please contact us if you have any questions

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