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The VARIOlino faucet aerator gives you the option to switch between two stream types. It not only provides useful functionality, but also a flexible swivel adapter and thus becomes a practical household helper.

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Straightforward changeover between comfort stream and spray stream
Quality featuresTwo stream shapes: The VARIOlino has two different stream types: one is an aerated comfort stream; the other is a spray stream. A minimal rotational movement allows you to easily switch between the two stream types.Swivel adapter: The swivel adapter helps you to point the VARIOlino in any direction. This enables you to reach every corner of the sink with the water stream.Limescale protection: With the aid of the rubber nozzles on the spray head, you can simply rub away limescale residue on the VARIOlino with your finger.

Changeover couldn't be simpler
Variolino aerated stream
Comfort stream
Switching streams Variolino
A simple turn
Variolino rain stream
Spray stream
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Please note that VARIOlino faucet aerators are not available in every country and only for our retail customers. For more details, as well as information on worldwide approvals, please see the article listing. To refine your selection, please use the following points as filters.

Flow rate: The VARIOlino is available in two flow rate versions.Flow control: To save water, the VARIOlino faucet aerator is optionally available with › PCA flow regulator technology.Size: It is available in STD size (M22/M24).Stream pattern: It has an aerated comfort stream as well as a spray stream.Pressure range: The faucet aerator is available for the normal pressure range, which is between 1 and 10 bar.Restrictions: Not suitable for non-pressurized water heaters.

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