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Do you regularly replace a large number of aerators in your healthcare facility? The CLINIC Snap Honeycomb is a hygiene aerator designed specifically for hospitals and care facilities with its four-color coding system. It is particularly conducive to quick and easy replacement.

CLINIC Snap Honeycomb in blue: each color represents one replacement cycle.
Quality features

These are the features of the CLINIC Snap Honeycomb:

Replacing the aerator is child's play – requiring just one click and no tools, thanks to a special adapter.The CLINIC Snap Honeycomb is available in four different colors: blue, red, yellow and green. This four-color coding system promotes the regular aerator replacement, with each color representing one replacement cycle. › Find out here how the color-coding system works. As a neutral version, the CLINIC Snap Honeycomb is also available in grey. Due to its design, the CLINIC Snap Honeycomb does not draw in any air. This results in a clear laminar stream and reduced spray and aerosol formation.The aerator has an integral flow restrictor that limits the water flow rate from the tap to approx. 7.5 – 9.0 l/min at a pressure of 3 bar. This also minimizes contamination through splashing water.The material used is certified according to KTW-BWGL.If you are interested in this product but without colorful aerator inserts, the CLINIC Snap Honeycomb also comes in a special gray color.The product can be supplied in standard packaging units or special hygienic disposable individual packaging.

For further information, please refer to the CLINIC Snap Honeycomb brochure.  | pdf | 683.36KB
Left: M24 and M22 adapters with and without aerator inserts I Right: aerator inserts

The CLINIC Snap Honeycomb comes in two parts and consists of an aerator insert and a chrome-plated brass adapter that only needs to be fixed to the faucet once and is available in the two common sizes M22 and M24.

The fixed adapter is a real boon during aerator replacement, as you only have to swap out the insert:

this quick, easy, and tool-free process saves you a considerable amount of time and money, especially when there are a lot of faucets to maintainWe also offer an optional special service key that can be used to speed up aerator replacement in facilities with a great number of faucets.

It's this easy

After fixing the adapter to the faucet once, simply hold the aerator insert in position and apply light pressure to snap it onto the adapter.


Turn the aerator insert by hand to detach it again very easily from the adapter.

Selection criteria

Please note that not all models of the CLINIC Snap Honeycomb faucet aerator are available in every country and for all customer areas. For more details, as well as information on worldwide approvals, please see the product listing. To refine your selection, please use the following points as filters.

Flow rate: The CLINIC Snap Honeycomb is available in flow rate category Z (~ 7.5 – 9.0 l/min).Size: Available in STD (M22/M24).Stream pattern: The CLINIC Snap Honeycomb generates a crystal-clear laminar stream.Pressure range: Available for the normal pressure range, which is between 1 and 10 bar.Restrictions: Not suitable for non-pressurized water heaters.Colors: The CLINIC Snap Honeycomb comes in blue, red, yellow, green and a special gray.

Do you need help choosing? You will find the relevant contact information at the bottom of the page.

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All relevant technical data on NEOPERL Clinic Snap HONEYCOMB aerators is available for download here.

Datasheet NEOPERL Clinic Snap HONEYCOMB  | pdf | 859.08KB
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