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Faucet aerators with housing are considered the classic among faucets. A chrome plated metal ring provides the typical look for the housing. You will find many different product lines, one of which is certain to meet your requirements.

Three-part design

A faucet aerator with housing consists of three parts: housing, insert, and washer.

Neoperl offers inserts in five different sizes. Plus there is a Shorty model for the standard size, with a short insert that requires a shortened housing.

There is the right housing size for every insert size. You will find the matching Neoperl components in the overview below.

Housings have either a female or male thread for screwing them on the faucet spout. They are available in metric and sometimes US thread sizes.

Aerator Housing M24
Aerator Sizes
Aerator Seal

Some sizes are also equipped with a vandal/tamper-proof housing with a rotating sleeve. A › special key is then required to unscrew the housing from the faucet spout.

As a manufacturer, you also have the option of ordering all faucet aerator housings with a special surface and/or custom laser inscription if you so wish.

Insert and housing sizes
Aerator size TT Tom Thumb
Insert size TT (Tom Thumb)

Suitable housing sizes:

Female M16 ×1

Male M18 ×1

Female 3/8˝

Aerator Size TJ (Tiny Junior)
Insert size TJ (Tiny Junior)

Suitable housing sizes:

Female M19 ×1

Male M20 ×1

Compact Vandal Proof Male M24 x1

Aerator Size JR
Insert size JR (Junior)

Suitable housing sizes:

US Female 3/4˝–27 UNS-2B*

US Male 13/16˝–27 UNS-2A*

Compact Vandal Proof

15 /16˝–27

* vandal-proof version available

Aerator Size STD Standard
Insert size STD/REG (Standard)

Suitable housing sizes:

Female M22 ×1*

Male M24 ×1*

US Female 55/64˝–27 UNS-2B*

US Male 15 /16˝–27 UNS-2A*

* vandal-proof version available

Aerator Size Shorty STD
Insert size Shorty STD/REG (Standard)

Suitable housing sizes:

Shorty Male M24 ×1

Shorty US Female 55/64˝–27


Shorty US Male 15 /16˝–27


Aerator Size TF (Tubfiller)
Insert size TF (Tubfiller)

Suitable housing size:

Male M28 ×1

Product lines

You will find here an overview of the broad selection of NEOPERL faucet aerators with housing. Please use our › Product Finder to find the right product line.

CASCADE SLC Discover our range
CASCADE Discover our range
PERLATOR HONEYCOMB Discover our range
Mikado Design SLC Strahlregler
MIKADO Discover our range
PCA Spray SLC aerator (Stage Image)
PCA SPRAY (SLC) Discover our range
Picture Spray ITR (Stage Image)
SPRAY ITR (SSR) Discover our range
Smooth Open
SMOOTH OPEN Discover our range
Crystal M28 faucet aerator for bathtubs
CRYSTAL Discover our range
SHORTY HONEYCOMB Discover our range
View of the Shorty Cascade SLC aerator
SHORTY CASCADE SLC Discover our range
NEOSTRAHL Discover our range
Perlator Honeycomb Flow Thru
PERLATOR HC FLOW THRU Discover our range
Atomizer with integrated thread
ATOMIZER Discover our range
Perlator Longlife faucet aerator insert
PERLATOR LONGLIFE Discover our range
CAREGUARD Discover our range
PCA CARE Discover our range
CLINIC SNAP HONEYCOMB Discover our range
HONEYCOMB CLINIC Discover our range
NEOSTRAHL CLINIC Discover our range
We can produce solutions tailored to the housing geometry or flow rate. Ask us with pleasure!
Please contact us if you have any questions

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