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The New PCA<sup>&reg;</sup> Dual Core<sup>&reg;</sup> Technology
The New PCA® Dual Core® Technology
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Aerators and flow regulators are now available with the new PCA Dual Core technology. It makes faucets and showers water-efficient and thus helps to reduce energy use. PCA Dual Core products can be used at any pressure – they ensure an optimized flow at low pressure and allow significant savings at higher pressure.

Your little gift: Neoperl's PCA Dual Core technology give-away

You have received our give-away: it contains a › CASCADE SLC PCA DC aerator. Find out more about Neoperl's innovative Dual Core technology by reading on.
The aerator is ideal for use with a bathroom faucet but can also be used in the kitchen. Simply swap your existing aerator for this one. › In this video, you can see how to replace the aerator at your faucet.
Illustration faucet aerator with PCA Dual Core flow regulation
Early aeration and increased comfort with a faucet aerator with integrated PCA DC technology

Faucet aerators with integrated DUAL CORE technology

DUAL CORE (DC) technology is an enhancement of the well-established and proven PCA technology. The operating principle is the same.
What are the benefits ?
  • Full, aerated stream from as low as 0.2 bar / 2.9 psi
  • Nominal flow rate reached even from as low as 0.7 bar / 10.2 psi
  • Can be used in all pressure ranges, whatever the target market ("all-pressure" PCA)
  • Ideal for faucets with a restrictive design and/or where there is low system pressure

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Contact us if you want to know more about the DC technology – we are happy to hear from you.
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