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Help, my Caché aerator is stuck! What you can do now

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Help, my Caché aerator is stuck! What you can do now
In this blog post, we explain what a Caché faucet aerator is, which models are available, how it is replaced and what alternatives there are if replacement with the installation key does not work. These tips also work for other aerator models!
Laura Schönhardt
3 min
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You can recognize a Caché aerator by the blue rubber seal

What is a Caché faucet aerator?

Our › Caché aerators are "invisibly" installed into the faucet spout. They are available with different stream patterns, flow rates and › water- and energy-saving features. Some models have an adjustable angle or offer effective limescale protection thanks to the so-called SLC function.
Aerators should be cleaned or replaced regularly – at the latest when limescale becomes visible or the stream is no longer attractive.
Important: Depending on which faucet you have, a different size aerator is used. › Here we show you how to find out which size you need.

Removal and installation of the Caché faucet aerator

There is a suitable service key for removing and installing every size Caché aerator. In the video, we show step by step how the Caché aerator can be easily replaced on your bathroom or kitchen tap.

If the aerator cannot be removed

If you do not have a suitable key to hand, or if the Caché aerator is already too calcified, there are several alternatives. It is also worth trying these methods if you have another type of › faucet aerator beside a Caché that is stuck.

The soak method

Step 1: Preparation

To use the soak method, you will need a limescale remover, a balloon or small plastic bag and some adhesive tape.

Step 2: Soak

Pour the solvent into the balloon or plastic bag, attach it to the tap with the adhesive tape so that the Caché aerator is completely covered by the solution. Leave the aerator to soak for a few minutes to dissolve the deposits.

Step 3: Remove deposits

After soaking, remove the balloon/bag and the adhesive tape and wipe off the excess solution. The deposits should now have softened enough so that the Caché aerator can be unscrewed from the faucet spout using a service key.
Our friends at show you how in this video.

The WD-40 method

If the aerator is stuck due to very heavy calcification, WD-40 can help. Follow the three simple steps (see below).
Our friends at also have a video on this.

Step 1: Applying WD-40

Spray a generous amount of WD-40 onto the Caché aerator. Make sure that the affected areas are thoroughly covered and allow the WD-40 to dissolve the limescale.

Step 2: Be patient

Wait about five minutes so that the WD-40 has enough time to soften the deposits.

Step 3: Removing the aerator

After the exposure time, you should be able to turn the aerator counterclockwise using the appropriate service key and remove it effortlessly.

The screwdriver method

If neither the service key nor the two previous methods work, only "brute" force will help. You will need a screwdriver and two screws. Attention: Your aerator will no longer be usable afterwards!
You guessed it: there is also a video on this method from

Step 1: Attaching the screws

Carefully drill the screws about half a centimeter into the opposite sides of the aerator strainer. Make sure that the screws are fastened inside the strainer structure and not on the outer ring.

Step 2: Removing the aerator

Once the screws are in place, use an adjustable wrench or pliers to grasp the screws and twist counterclockwise to loosen and remove the aerator. Note that this method will damage the aerator, especially the strainer, and it will need to be replaced afterwards.

Step 3: Damage assessment

If you use this method, get a new aerator beforehand. You can find aerators in various retailers and online stores that stock plumbing products. In the USA, you are sure to find what you are looking for at ›

Replacing the aerator is worthwhile

If you are unable to replace the aerator using the installation key, there are various alternatives available to you. Whether the soak method, the WD-40 method or the screwdriver method – with a little patience and the right procedure, you can replace the Caché aerator and thus improve the stream and the appearance of your faucet.