Farewell to lime and dirt: tips and tricks for aerator care

A clogged aerator can really spoil hand washing. Aerators may become dirty or calcified over time. This is especially true in areas where the tap water contains a lot of suspended solids or lime.

Ajuni Burk
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Make an ugly stream a thing of the past

But you do not have to put up with an ugly, splashing stream at all. With these tips for cleaning, your aerator will be back to working as it was on the first day in no time at all.

Cleaning tips

Make the cleaning of your aerators a regular ritual. The less lime is already present, the easier it is to remove. How do you remove your aerator? Find out › here or in this › video. › CACHÉ aerators are screwed directly into the spout and require a special key, which is supplied with the purchase. It is best to attach the key to the connection hose under the sink – so it is at hand exactly where you need it.

A few words regarding the cleaning: you best use a soft brush and citric acid, which dissolves lime particularly well. If you use a spray cleaner, spray it on your cleaning cloth instead of directly on the aerator: if the spray mist penetrates into openings and gaps in the fittings, it may cause damage there.

Using cleaners containing hydrochloric acid, acetic acid, formic acid, or chlorine bleach is best avoided, as these can damage your aerator and fittings. Cleaners containing phosphoric acid are not recommended.

Here are some more tips:

Never mix cleaning agents, as this can lead to unpredictable effects – it is better to use one cleaning agent only.When cleaning, do not forget the mounting hole with thread and sealing seat at the water tap. Here, too, lime and dirt will settle.After cleaning, always rinse with plenty of clean water to remove residues of the cleaning solution.

Easy aerator identification via app

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Aerators do more for us than we may realize – they produce a soft, splash-free stream for comfortable use and help save on water and energy costs. In return, they deserve a few minutes of care every few weeks. As you can see, it does not take witchcraft to do it.