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Although we live on a “blue planet”, fresh and potable water is an extremely scarce commodity – only about 3% of the world’s total water supply is usable for us. The onus is therefore upon all of to save water. A practical side effect: additional costs due to rising gas and electricity prices can also be reduced as a result. We highlight the latest water saving technologies from Neoperl here – soon available, we’re on it.

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A kitchen faucet upgrade

Easily switch between two stream types and flexibly reach every corner of the sink thanks to an integrated ball joint: maximum functionality while saving water.

Save water at the touch of a button

Full water flow is only really needed in the kitchen in the rarest of cases, for example when filling a pot. For everything else, the economy mode at the touch of a button is perfectly sufficient.

Saving water in the kitchen

Saving water in the kitchen is possible! Our MINI ECOBOOSTER combines economy and boost mode. The economy mode is completely sufficient for normal household applications and when things have to be done quickly, the booster releases the full flow rate: simply press the side-touch and the flow is increased.

Easy water saving in the kitchen

Things have to be done quickly in the kitchen and saving water has to be convenient – no problem: the economy mode is sufficient for most tasks such as rinsing glasses or washing fruit and vegetables. If more water is needed, simply press the side-touch and the flow is increased. When the tap is closed, the setting automatically switches back to economy mode.