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Watertrain is a newly designed stand-alone waterway. It separates the faucet body from water contact. Watertrain can be installed into the faucet body of any shape and dimension due to its unique adaptable construction.

Watertrain waterway installed into an exemplary faucet body
Watertrain with cartridge installed into an exemplary faucet body
Benefits for faucet manufacturersprevents migration of heavy metals into the drinking waterfree choice of faucet body material standardized waterwayonly drinking water approved materialcut-to-length polymer tubessimple and fast assemblyno hidden assembly inside the faucet bodyfaster time-to-market of newly designed faucets

Watertrain complies with international hygienic and performance standards.

Watertrain Componentsfaucet aerator aerator tipmixed water hoseU-turn cartridge adapterSoftpex supply hose

Various patents are granted or pending for system and components.

A wide choice of aerators

An important component of every faucet ist the › aerator. Aerators produce a gentle, splash-free water flow in various different flow rates.

Choose from various › CACHE TJ sized aerator models. Contact us!

Watertrain Assembly

Watch the video and get to know the Watertrain components.

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OEM / manufacturers
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