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The Automatic Backflush valve (ABF) cleans scale from heat exhangers in Domestic Hot Water (DHW) systems, avoiding costly maintenance and increasing the lifespan of the system.

The principle of automatic backflush

Heat exchangers exposed to fresh water experience accelerated scaling and fouling. This leads to overheating, increased energy consumption, a rise in operational costs and eventually system failure​.

The ABF valve automatically backflushes and cleans the heat exchanger with cold water during every draw of hot water. No adjustment or manual intervention is needed.

The benefitsConnects to all domestic hot water production systems with tank storageBased on proven heat exchanger cleaning principles by flow reversal familiar to industrial processesWorldwide drinking water compatible and certifiedDesign and materials based on our extensive experience with › HT check valves used in hot water circulation No adjustment or manual intervention neededCan be installed externally or internally to the heat exchanger

ABF system applications

The valve is designed for use in several high performance appliances and systems for the production of domestic hot water (DHW).

Air to water heat pumps with DHW (split systems)

Heat Pump Water Heaters (single units)

Geothermal heat pumps with DHW
Boiler systems with DHW output
Passive direct solar hot water systems (warm climates)
Passive direct solar hot water systems (warm climates)
Active indirect solar hot water systems (cold climates)
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