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Whether in the kitchen, bathroom, or shower – Neoperl is involved almost everywhere that drinking water is used. You will probably come into contact with Neoperl products several times a day without even realizing it. The origins of our company, which today operates worldwide, go back more than 60 years and are rooted in Germany and Switzerland.

"Hans Denzler & Co" in Reinach-Basel, Switzerland (today Neoperl AG).
Company location in Reinach-Basel, Switzerland
1959: Foundation in Switzerland

Albert Wildfang and Hans Denzler recognize the potential of faucet aerators. In 1959 in Reinach-Basel, Switzerland, they establish "Hans Denzler & Co" – trading nowadays as Neoperl AG.

Neoperl is the first neutral manufacturer to install and distribute › faucet aerators in Switzerland. The NEOPERL brand establishes itself in the retail business and, thanks to the built-in screen, becomes known for a splash-free water stream – previously unheard of at that time.

"Dieter Wildfang KG" in Müllheim, Germany (now Neoperl GmbH)
Factory in Müllheim, Germany
1961: Müllheim production site

In 1961, Hans Denzler and Albert Wildfang, together with the latter's son Dieter, set up "Dieter Wildfang KG" in Müllheim, Germany – trading nowadays as Neoperl GmbH. Soon afterwards, they start production of faucet aerators in their own factory and expand their business to industrial customers.

From the very beginning, Neoperl has relied on a concept that is forward-thinking to this day: a low vertical range of manufacture. This means that the company procures the required individual parts from specialized partners and assembles them into finished products. Neoperl can therefore concentrate on the development and marketing of its products.

Aerator with built-in strainer for a splash-free water stream
Low-noise faucet aerator
1970s: Expansion of the product range

In the course of the 1970s, Neoperl continues to develop the faucet aerator, continuously expands production, and taps into the German and later the European market.

Following intensive development work, the company is the first manufacturer to bring low-noise faucet aerators onto the market. The success of the product leads to a sharp increase in production quantities.

It is therefore time to automate production. Neoperl also adds › check valves to its product range.

The focus is now on research and in addition to the flow regulator, the first water-saving aerator with integrated flow regulator is developed.
CASCADE PCA – one of the first water-saving faucet aerators with integrated flow regulator
1980s and 90s: International growth

Neoperl is now a sought-after expert on all matters of drinking water and forges ahead with the internationalization of its industrial business.

In 1987 the company takes over the American manufacturer Waterbury Pressed Metal. Neoperl expands the site to create its first production and distribution company outside Europe, and gradually gains a foothold in the USA and Asian markets.

In the 80s, environmental and climate protection also come into the public eye for the first time. In response, the Neoperl Group concentrates its research on › water saving products.

The company develops › flow regulators and launches the first water saving faucet aerators with integrated flow regulators. In 1994 it takes over R. C. Mannesmann, the strongest competitor in this field.

The Neoperl Group focuses more and more on its core competencies: research and development, assembly and production, logistics and sales.

In addition, Neoperl spins off the local retail business for plumbing products in Switzerland, and builds up its own sales organization to supply German specialist merchants directly.

Neoperl research and development center
Research and development center in Müllheim, Germany
2000s: Leading research and development

In the new millennium, first class faucet design gains in importance. In order to develop the necessary innovations, the company opens a state of the art research and development center in Müllheim.

Step by step, the Neoperl Group also expands its international distribution network with its own agencies and production sites, especially in the Asian markets. The European retail business starts being handled from Switzerland.

In 2004, management of the family business passes to the next generation. From this point onwards, Oliver Denzler and Fabian Wildfang shape the future of the Neoperl Group.

Expansion of the hose business
Hose production
2010s: Expansion of the hose business

The Neoperl Group starts to systematically expand its › hose business in 2010. Over the years that follow, this division develops into a strong pillar of the company.

In October 2017, company founder Dieter Wildfang dies at the age of 87.

Neoperl Robotic
Robot-assisted manufacturing
Today: Leading technology company

Over the last 60 years, the company has steadily expanded its range of products. It now covers the manufacture and sale of a › wide range of products: faucet aerators, flow regulators, check valves, on/off valves, diverters, kitchen/connecting/shower hoses, and various accessories.

Today, the Neoperl Group is a leading technology company that offers innovative solutions for drinking water.

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